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Photography Teacher

I saved up and bought my first camera when I was a kid. Once I knew how it worked, I captured our travels, my own kids growing, and launched a family photography business.

I'm going to teach people to use their camera. When they're done my course they'll document their newborn's life, travel the world, and start portrait businesses. They will be among the few who have ever learned to use their cameras. Will you be one of them?


Photography classes are offered throughout Trenton and Belleville, accommodating students from Madoc, Tweed, Stirling, Napanee, Picton (Prince Edward County), Brighton and Cobourg.

You are truly what every teacher should be.


You plan for your lessons thoroughly, you modify your lessons based on your students’ needs and interests, you individualize the program (your videos are incredible, I can’t believe how much time you put in to them!), you follow up daily (the emails!), you encourage, you guide, you celebrate.


I love watching your videos, not just for what I can learn from them but also because it makes me feel SO good. THANK YOU! 

Susan, 2019



The course begins Sunday, January 12 at 2pm.

January 12, 2-4pm


January 19, 2-4pm


January 26, 2-4pm


February 2, 2-4pm


Indoor and outdoor locations in Trenton, Ontario.

We'll begin our class nice and cozy indoors and then move outside for the last portion of the class.


It's easy to enrol. Just get in touch and I'll walk you through the process.


Camera Settings

4 Week Course

Personal Lessons

Featured Students


Classes and courses are offered throughout the year. Contact for updates.


Personal lessons can be scheduled at your convenience.


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Tel: 613-394-3476

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