Don't be held back because you can't work your camera.

You were born to take photos.

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Not knowing how to use your camera is standing between you and capturing great moments. This photography course will show you exactly how to use your camera.

You will learn the essentials of photography. A blend of technology, beauty and creativity - the heart and soul of photography.

Use the skills you learn in this course for all the things you love to photograph. 

Course Content

Throughout the course I'll help you master the best camera settings, proper use of your lenses, and practice the powerful trio of creative ingredients (light, moment, and composition).​​

This hands-on course consists of 4 classes. Classes are 2 hours, with extra time to help you with your unique questions.


Each class builds on what you learned the week before so that your knowledge grows without being overwhelmed.

You will practice what you learned throughout the week, cementing your new knowledge so that it becomes intuitive and easy for you.

Between classes, you will receive personal feedback from me on your photos. This will help you to improve even faster.

Class Date and Location

The course will be held at outdoor locations in Belleville and Trenton.​

The next course will run on:

Wednesday evenings in August (7, 14, 21, 28) 2019.

6:30 - 8:30 pm

We normally use 2 Belleville locations and 2 Trenton locations.

The course is 395 (+hst)



Join me for a month long course, with a small class and hands-on photography learning.

Thanks for getting in touch!

Photography classes are offered throughout Trenton and Belleville, accommodating students from Madoc, Tweed, Stirling, Napanee, Picton (Prince Edward County), Brighton and Cobourg.


Who is this Course For?

​This course is for people who love photography, are constantly taking photos, and would like a teacher to give them specific help and show them exactly what to do.

If you think you’re obsessed with photography and want hands-on help, then this course is for you.

What Camera Should I Have?

​Any brand of camera is fine (Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc.). You should see a dial on it that says M, A, S (or M, Av, Tv), and should have detachable lenses.

Simply get in touch with me if you're not sure.

Who Normally Takes This Course?

Moms and dads with a new camera.

People who love to travel and enjoy nature.

Small business owners.

People hoping to start their own photography business.

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