Personal Lessons

"There comes a day when you hit your wall as a photographer and feel like you're stuck. That's when you find somebody who has learned to climb that wall and help you do it too."

Seeing that I had hit a wall, my wife paid for a one-on-one session with one of my favourite photographers, David DuChemin. Time with David helped me to see where I needed to go next. With his help, I didn't just climb the wall, I knocked right through it.

A personal lesson allows us to go deep and tackle those problems that arise as you advance in photography.

I love to help people (amateur, hobbyist, pro)​ to see the potential they've got locked up and get it out.

You can use your personal session to get help:

Reviewing your photos.

Photographing beautiful landscapes.

Portraits of people or pets.

Setting up your studio.

Fine tuning your editing.

Or even launching your photography business.

Your personal session can be up to 3 hours long (inquire for longer sessions).


295 +hst


Please contact me to discuss your personal photography lesson.

Thanks for getting in touch!