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I teach photography classes around Belleville, Ontario.

My Teaching Philosophy

Rather than bore you with confusing concepts that you'll likely never use or remember, my philosophy is to show you exactly how to use your camera for the type of picture you want to take.

That means we actually use our cameras in class so that you know how to use the settings I show you. You leave class with the knowledge you'll use every time you pick up your camera.

I continue to support you in the weeks after the class by giving you feedback on your photos and giving you access to the review material I've created for my students.

What You'll Learn

How to use your camera, lenses and other gear to its fullest.

Topics you're interested in: portraits, lighting, landscape, nature, etc.

Receive personal feedback from me on your photos.


Who Are These Classes For?


New to photography and excited to learn, or finally getting back into it after many years.


Dig into advanced topics you want to learn: portraits, landscape, nature, etc.


Learn to make creative pictures of the natural world.

Two Options for Classes


90 min small group class introducing you to the most helpful camera settings and tips toward taking creative photos.

More Info


A package of 3 personal photography classes designed just for you.

More Info

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You are truly what every teacher should be.


Planning your lessons thoroughly, modifying based on your students’ needs and interests.

You encourage, you guide, you celebrate.


I love watching your feedback videos, not just for what I learn from them but because it makes me feel SO good. THANK YOU! 

~ Susan


Beginner's Class

The Next Class Is:

On your time, days, evenings, or weekends!

Belleville, Trenton, Brighton, PEC


The best settings and techniques for everyday situations including landscape, nature, portraits.


Submit photos one week later for me to give you feedback and show you how to improve.


Begin your adventure of photography by unlocking your camera's potential (and your own) with an evening of learning.

Tuition for this class is 195 + hst.

Nicole Lewis.jpg

Learn to use natural light to your advantage.


Personal 1on1 Classes

This is an amazing opportunity for you to grow with your own personal photography teacher, focusing on what you as an individual want to learn.

Flexible Scheduling

Three 90 min classes spaced two weeks apart.


Take the techniques you learned in class and ingrain them as skills.

Get Feedback

Send me your practice photos and I'll give you feedback through a recorded video.

Get the push you need to personally grow and learn photography.


Learn to anticipate and capture moments.

What a 90 min Class Looks Like

We meet at a flexible time, at a location best suited toward what you're learning.

Each week builds on what you learned about photography the week before.

Mid-week, you send me practice photos and I record a feedback / tutorial video for you.

Each class is designed just for you.


You do not need to purchase anything new before or during classes. We'll work with whatever gear you have.

Tuition for your package of classes is 595 (+hst).

Your tuition includes classes in unique locations, constant feedback on your photos recorded as a video for you (my students LOVE these videos), and a lifetime membership in my photography group.

Nikki Gosse 3.jpg

Master camera settings for tricky lighting situations.

What I Love About My Students

They're inspired by travel, nature, their children, people.

They explore the world with their camera and What they learn at classes allows them to transform mundane photos into beautiful images of the people and places that are most important to them.

They have a passion for photography that inspires me when I see their photos of their little one's first steps, travels across Canada and the world, or the baby birds in their own backyard.

My students come from all walks of life; they range from young to old, single or married, people who love nature and wildlife, new parents or newly retired.

I notice that many of them grow as photographers but they also grow personally.

Learning photography is challenging but it also opens up a world of beauty, creativity and adventure that was closed off until they learned those first camera settings.


About Mat

I've designed a photography class just for you. One that simplifies a complicated subject, enabling you to document your family life, travels, and turn everyday walks into works of art.

My way of teaching strips away everything you don’t need to know and focuses on the most essential camera settings and most powerful photography techniques.

I've been captivated by the magic of photography since I was ten years old and I'm equally passionate about teaching it.


Whether I'm at a rock concert, on a road trip with my wife, or at the birth of my kids - my camera is there!

Rebecca Cope.jpg

Discover the hidden beauty in the natural world.


You do not need to purchase anything new before or during classes. We'll work with whatever gear you have.

Tuition for your package of classes is 595 (+hst).

Your tuition includes three 90 min classes, three feedback videos, and a lifetime membership in my photography group.

Nikki Gosse4.jpg

See your world from a whole new perspective.


Ready to Enroll

If you're ready to enroll, or have any questions, please use the contact form below.


Tell me what you love to photograph, what camera you use, and what you hope to learn about.


We'll find the perfect date for your first class.

Make this the push you need to break out of your procrastination or Covid funk!

Thanks, I'll be in touch soon!

If you don't hear from me, please check your spam folder.

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